Boise Valley Riders Ride Maps


The following are some of the ride route maps that the club uses.

Please note that the maps and staging information are subject to change at the Road Captains discretion.

The only source of official ride information is the BVR calendar on the front page of the BVR web site and should always be referenced when planning to participate in a club ride.

Black Canyon  Meridian - Emmett - Black Canyon - Horseshoe Bend  Map 
Black Sands Resort
 Murphy - Grandview - Black Sands Resort - Mtn Home
Baker City #1  Ontario - Vale - Unity - Baker Map
Baker City #2  Fruitland - Cambridge - Halfway - Baker Map
Balanced Rock Glenns Ferry - Bliss - Hagerman - Castleford Map
Elko, NV Overnighter  Mtn. Home - Bruneau - Owyhee - Elko Map 
Featherville  Mtn. Home - Anderson Ranch Reservoir - Featherville Map 
Galena Summit  Idaho City - Lowman - Stanley - Sun Valley Map 
Gator Farm  Grandview - Bliss - Hagerman
Gooding Glenns Ferry - Bliss - Gooding - Fairfield - Mtn. Home Map
Jackpot, NV  Overnighter
 Grandview - Bliss - Hagerman - Filer - Jackpot Map 
Jordan Valley, OR Marsing -  Jordan Valley - Melba Map
Joseph, OR Overnighter  Cambridge - Joseph - La Grande - Ukiah - Vale
Lake Lowell  / Marsing Loop  Lake Lowell - Marsing - Walters Ferry Map
Lost Larrinaga
 Who the hell knows??
Mater Loop  Garden Valley - Lowman - Idaho City Map 
New Meadows Loop  Payette - Council - New Meadows - McCall Map 
Owyhee Dam, OR Nyssa - Homedale - Marsing - Kuna Map
Prairie City, OR

 Ontario - Vale - Burns - Prairie City - Vale

Pendleton, OR Overnighter

 Vale - Ukiah - Pendleton - Heppner - Prairie City

Salmon / Kamiah Overnighter 
  McCall - Kamiah - Lolo - Salmon - Stanley Map
Shoshone Falls Grandview - Bliss - Hagerman - Twin Falls - Fairfield Map
Valley Loop Middleton  - New Pymouth - Marsing - Kuna Map
Warm Lake Horseshoe Bend - Cascade - Emmett Map

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