Boise Valley Riders is a family of brothers and sisters who love to ride and take pride in our club. In an effort to show that pride, display uniformity and advertise to those around us who we are, the club By-Laws (ARTICLE XIII- Club Name/Logo/Apparel F-M) oblige a uniform way of wearing the club patches on our cuts. Please understand, the below is only referring to the BVR patches, and BVR is in no way dictating what other patches you wear or display. The BVR patches consist of;

1) Boise Valley Riders top rocker. This patch displays that you choose to ride with and are a crew member with BVR. It should be placed center top on the back of the cut, where a traditional top rocker goes.

2) BVR Skull Core patch. The BVR Skull patch is for Core members only, and will be presented to a member once they have paid their Core dues. Although Core members are asked to purchase this patch, this patch remains the property of BVR. The club will buy back this patch if a member chooses to no longer be a Core member. The patch should be placed center back of the cut, directly under the top rocker.

3) BVR We Will Remember patch and names. This patch honors our fallen brothers and sisters and keeps them in our memories and reminds us that they will always be part of our family. We ask that any member who chooses to wear the BVR Top Rocker also wears this memorial patch. Although any member may honor any or all of those who have gone before us, it is acceptable to honor only those you personally knew. This patch should be displayed on the back left of the cut, directly below the armpit area. The names of our fallen brothers and sisters should be directly below this patch.

Patchifestofront 4) Officer Patch. If you are an officer or road captain, this patch will identify you as such and should be displayed in 2 places. On the very bottom and centered of the back of your cut and on the front right breast just below your name/nickname patch. If you are asked to be an officer or road captain and accept, these patches will be provided to you.

Again, BVR is not attempting to dictate how you display your personality or character on your cut. We are not asking you to limit what you choose to wear or where you place it. We are asking that if you choose to be a part of the BVR family, that you display the BVR patches in a prescribed and uniform way to show pride and solidarity in our family. If you do not want to display club patches in this manner, then we ask that you do not display them at all.

To learn more about cut/colors, and the traditions and rules behind them, please get with G. If you would like to purchase any of the above patches that are available to you, please contact any primary officer.


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