"An organization led by volunteers and staffed by motorcycle enthusiasts, family
and friends set out to ride and give back to the community we share the road with."

We are a gathering of motorcycle riding friends new and old where all are welcome regardless of riding style, ability or brand preference. The BVR is a family of friends on journey after journey of riding adventures and good times with strength in membership. We are a brotherhood of motorcycle enthusiasts; men & women, families from all walks celebrating growth, building relationships with each other, fellow riding clubs and local businesses while embracing projects to improve and benefit the community we ride in. We join curious, ride for fun and contribute with passion. We are The BVR.

Making a difference in new ways...

  • Our trust in each other is fueled by our adherence to the principles and mission of our vision.
  • We are everywhere, present at every level in our community.
  • We are seen as "The BVR" -- an organization of volunteers really making a difference.
  • We meet new, emerging needs in our community with drive and conviction.
  • We collaborate with other organizations and businesses locally and nationally.
  • We are a leader in our club product and service innovation.
  • We use fully integrated technology and information systems to develop and deliver products and services.
  • We attract and retain the best youth and young adults to ensure continuation of our proud heritage.
  • We are constantly learning and maximizing our Crew potential.
  • We attract and maintain the best volunteer task force.
  • We provide event experience, organizational and logistical services to new and current projects.
  • We have one helluva good time and establish long lasting relationships.

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