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Join The Crew and enjoy some fun times and great rides. There are no membership dues and no commitments. Ride with us when you want. The Boise Valley Riders is a not-for-profit riding club made up of professionals, like yourself, here in Idaho who just love to ride. Boise Valley Riders is a club mixed with new and veteran riders. Feel free to cruise through the site and see what you'd be missing if you didn't join up. How we started. If you don't find your answer there, contact us.

Rules are very simple

  • Open to anyone who enjoys to ride and makes an effort to.
  • Open to any motorcycle make or model 650cc and above.
  • NO Yearly Dues.
  • You DO NOT have to show up at club meetings.
  • No tasks for you to perform and No Commitments!

We do ask a few things from our members

  • Take care of your brother & sister riders.
  • Smile and have fun.
  • Don't give the club a bad name. 

Steps to Follow for becoming a BVR Guest

1. Click on the Registration Link on the Left side of this page
2. Fill
out the Registration form and click Submit
3. You will receive an E-mail (to the e-mail you registered with) requiring you to verify that your e-mail address is a valid address.
4. After you have validated your email address you will be granted temporary access to the BVR web site for a period of 5 months. If at the end of this time you have not participated in a club ride and had the President, a Director, or a Ride Captain sign off on your Release of Liability form your registration will be removed from our database.
5. Once this form has been signed off you will receive an e-mail letting you know that your temporary membership has been removed and you are now a  BVR guest.



General Release of Liability


Ride Expectations.

Rules for Group Riding.



Interested in MEMBERSHIP? Then learn a little more and get hit with the good stuff!

Something For Everyone. FREE GUEST $25 Membership
No Yearly Dues. X  
No Attendance Requirements. X X
Ride when you want. X X
No Meeting Requirements. X X
Open to anyone who enjoys riding. X X
Open to 650cc and above. X X
Added to Club Membership Roster   X
Added to Club distribution lists   X
Enrolled in BVR GroupMe App   X
Member only rides and events   X
BVR brand merchandise   X

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