BVR Officers

EdRCEd Beyeler - (Honey Jack)
BVR Road Captain

"I will do anything for Honey Jack Daniels...anything"



KitKristin Scanlon - (Kit)                      BVR Road Captain

"aka Vickie the Vodka Viking Vixen?"




SkipSkip Melton- (George Jetson)         BVR Road Captain

"Damn Skippy!!"

20160917 112204Mike MacConnell - (MacKillswitch) BVR Road Captain

"Behind every good rider is a Jagerballs!"





mitchell2.fwSteve Mitchell - (PakRat)                BVR Road Captain




JustinJustin Rynearson - (Wire Nuts) BVR Road Captain

"Did that pig just wink at me?"



 Scott Clement - (Uncle Jed)  Uncle Jed               BVR Ambassador

  "I will pay attention...I will pay           attention...squirrel!!"





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