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Ride Expectations.


We will have 2 or 3 official rides per month beginning with the season opener on the second Saturday in April.  We will ride every other Saturday until at least the first Saturday in October. Ride duration, distance and route will be at the discretion of the Ride Captain in charge with the following caveat: summer rides (July-September) must start by 0830.

Pre-Ride Safety Briefing

Every ride will have a Ride Captain led pre-ride briefing 10 minutes before KSU at which time formation, routes, speeds, signals, stops and guest introductions will be discussed. Published times will be Kick Stands Up times. Get there early enough to fuel up, pee, get a drink, and socialize, whatever...we will leave on time. Don't roll in 2 minutes before KSU and expect us to wait while you gas up. It's not fair to those that showed up on time.

Group Size

Ride group size will not exceed 17 bikes. If more than 17 bikes show up the division into groups will be at the discretion of the Ride Captain in charge.

Ride Speed

The Ride Captain sets the pace for the ride; generally at or near the speed limit depending on conditions. If it's too fast, drop out and catch up at the next stop. If it's too slow, pass the Ride Captain (you are now on your own) and meet at the next stop. If the group is large enough and we may split into fast and slow groups, but trying to accommodate everyone hasn't worked in the past.

No Hand Holding

We expect you to know how to ride. We will not hold your hand. We expect that you have read and are familiar with Group Riding Rules and Hand Signals. If the riding speed, number and duration of stops, etc. are not to your liking, then feel free at the next safe ride stop to change your position in the group, drop behind or ride ahead and meet us at the next stop. No worries… go have fun.

Rest Stops

Rest stops will vary depending on the ride and destination. However, as a general rule stops for fuel, potty, drinks, butt-rest will be at least once per hour and will be a maximum of 30 minutes or less depending on group size and why we are stopping.

Lunch Stops

The duration of Lunch Stops will be dependent upon service. BVR makes every effort to notify restaurants ahead of schedule to ensure accommodations. All stops are at restaurants that allow children, though some may not look it, we assure you they are.

Ride Captain/Tailgunner Assignments

All BVR sanctioned rides will have at least one Ride Captain and a Tailgunner. This will not apply to adhoc rides planned by members. If the Ride Captain and/or Tailgunner can't man their position, it is their responsibility to find a replacement in advance of the ride. Thus, all members can rest-assured that there will be leadership on a BVR sanctioned ride to answer your questions.

The President or a Director 

May act as Ride Captain as needed.

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